Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I've got no job, no A-levels, No Future

In my mapping of the New Adventures, I've started with No Future (1994? Paul Cornell). I was asked why I decided to reread this NA first.

The starting point of the Broadsword tenth anniversary issue was with the question - did the New Adventure have any influence on the new series. As I was a passionate believer in the New Adventures I wondered whether that belief, ten years later amounted to anything? Had I wasted my time? Did the New Adventures have a future? So yes I chose No Future primarily as a pun.

I had imagined ('cause I can not recall), that this theme would have to have been addressed in this novel and that I have to ask even now whether the new series has a future - how long in current entertainment climate can this series last? Does the new series have a future?

A second focus for the tenth anniversary issue of Broadsword is a "where are they now?" let me answer that with a list of names - Russell T Davies, Mark Gatiss, Paul Cornell, Matt Jones, Gareth Roberts. There is no question that Paul Cornell was central defining figure in the NAs and for that I chose a Paul Cornell novel.

But then rewatching the new series episode Rose, Rose says at the the defining point of the new series - where she makes a stand - "I've got no job, no A-levels, no future" and I just can't let that one go.